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Top 10 Most Asked Questions About the Tesla Model 3

Picture of the headlight of a Tesla Model 3

With Tesla being such a technology-forward company, a lot of questions arise in the minds of many fans. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the top questions asked about the Tesla Model 3. A lot of these answers will vary based on the version of the Tesla Model 3 you have, standard range plus, long-range, or performance; But we’ll dive into the specifics for each under each question, so that no matter which model you have, you’re getting the proper information. Let’s dive straight in.

How Much Is a Tesla Model 3

The most common question when it comes to the Tesla Model 3, is how much they cost. This is a pretty easy answer compared to most cars. Because Tesla doesn’t use dealers, there is only ever a single price for any Tesla Vehicle. In the case of the Tesla Model 3, the current MSRP starts at around $39,990 for the base model.

If you’re looking at grabbing the upgraded, Long Range model you can expect the MSRP to be around $48,990. Last up is their Performance model which comes in at $56,990 MSRP.

How Long to Charge a Tesla Model 3

Picture or a Tesla Supercharge Station

The time to charge a Tesla Model 3 varies based on a couple of different factors, these being the way in which it’s charged. With a standard Tesla charger, you’re looking at around 8.5 to 10 hours of charge time at 220 volts. 

If you decide to go with the Supercharger you’re looking at a much shorter charging time. The average time for a version 3 supercharger to completely charge a Tesla Model 3 to 100% is around 1 hour. This can seem deceivingly long due to the fact that the last 20% of the charge takes the longest time. The first 80% of the battery charge with a Supercharger typically only takes around 20-30 minutes.

How To Turn Off a Tesla Model 3

If you’re used to gas-running vehicles, you may be actively looking for an ignition, or at the very least a power on and off button. Surprisingly, with the Tesla Model 3, there is no turning the car on or off manually. In fact the Tesla Model 3 will automatically run if you put the car in drive, as long as you have the key. 

If you want to “turn off” the car, simply place the car in park and leave the car. Essentially the car will automatically turn itself off and lock. 

How many kWh to charge a Tesla Model 3

Based on the standard Tesla Model 3 battery capacity you can expect an average of around 50 kWh per charge. The Long Range model has a battery capacity of 62 kWh per charge. If you’re looking at the Performance model, the capacity for the battery depends on the model year. Before 2020 the capacity was 75 kWh per charge, but for the new 2021 models and beyond you can expect an even larger capacity of 82 kWh per charge.

How Fast Is a Tesla Model 3

The speed of your Tesla Model 3 is going to vary based on the customizations of the vehicle. The Tesla Model 3 comes with a couple of different variants when it comes to performance and car speed. For the base model, standard range plus, the top speed is around 140 miles per hour. 

Moving up to the long-range model the top speed goes up to 145 miles per hour. Finally, looking at the performance model the top speed goes all the way up to 162 miles per hour.

How Much Horsepower Does a Tesla Model 3 Have

As with most of these answers, it depends on the model of Tesla you have. Taking a look at the Standard Range Plus model, the horsepower is 283 with a torque of 307lb-ft. Moving up to the Long Range model will give you around 346 horsepower and finally, the performance model has around 450 horsepower.

How Much Is Insurance On a Tesla Model 3

While the Tesla Model 3 has state-of-the-art safety features, the insurance cost isn’t substantially lower than the national average. You can expect around a 40% increase in price compared to the national insurance averages, which comes out to be around $180 per month. 

This means the total insurance cost is around $2,215 per year. Keep in mind these insurance prices will vary from person to person based on a myriad of factors. These are just the national averages for the cost of insurance on the Tesla Model 3.

How Much To Charge a Tesla Model 3

The cost to charge a Tesla Model 3 is going to vary based on your electricity cost and which model you have, but you should be able to expect an average of around $7.70 per charge if you’re using the standard at-home charger. This equates to around 3 to 4 cents per mile charged.

The price will differ if you decide to use the Supercharger network. Charging with this network will cost you significantly more, but will charge your Tesla Model 3 at an incredibly fast rate. You can expect the cost to be around $0.25 per KW. This adds up to between $22 and $25 per charge.

How Much Does a Tesla Model 3 Weigh

The average Tesla Model 3 will weigh between 3,650 pounds to around 4,250. These weights will vary based on the model you have, standard range plus, long-range, or performance. Keep in mind this can also be affected based on customizations you add to the car, like different wheels or interior aspects.

How Long Does a Tesla Model 3 Battery Last

In terms of longevity, the Tesla Model 3 has outstanding performance. You can expect a Tesla Model 3 battery to last between 300,000 and 500,000 miles. While this may seem like a fairly large gap in miles, it really depends on the use of the battery. If you’re under heavy loads or leave the battery uncharged and unused for long periods of time, it can degrade the quality and cause the battery to die quite a bit faster.


Hopefully, these answer some of your questions about the Tesla Model 3. If you’re interested in learning more about the Tesla Model 3, check out our complete Model 3 Overview article where we discuss everything you need to know about the car.


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