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Ten Reasons Why The Tesla Craze Is Here To Stay

Red Tesla supercharger
A red Tesla supercharger with the Tesla logo lit up.

If you walk around any California street nowadays, you will notice that there are more Tesla cars than ever before. This might come as a surprise to more traditional car owners because just a decade ago — sentiments towards electric vehicles, in general, were more negative. In a study conducted by Mckinsey & Company, respondents showed that even though they value the benefits of zero emissions, the main reason for the resentment toward electric vehicles comes from the lack of viable charging stations and the limited range that these vehicles used to have. 

Now, all of that has changed for the better. Not only do the newer Tesla cars have up to 520 miles of EPA range, but Tesla charging stations are becoming more and more ubiquitous. 

Even with all of that said, there are still a lot of people who are quick to scoff at the rise of the prominent American carmaker. To most of these people, the EV revolution is still just a fad that will one day fade away into obscurity and the traditional ICE cars will still reign supreme. You may ask how viable that idea is, so let’s go through the main reasons why the Tesla-led EV revolution is here to stay. 

1. Electric Charging Stations are Now More Common

As we mentioned earlier, the biggest hesitation for people in the past as far as owning an electric vehicle is concerned is having very limited charging stations. Afterall, the biggest advantage ICE vehicles used to have is that one could not drive for too long without encountering at least a couple of gas stations. These vehicle owners were simply worried that they would get stranded when going on a long drive because there is no place to charge their Teslas. 

All of this has changed. The Tesla Supercharger is now becoming more common and even has a lot of perks associated with charging with it. Nowadays, there are now over 25,000 Tesla superchargers available. This does not count the countless other EV chargers that are not associated with the company. 

The second biggest hesitation potential customers used to have is that even if there is a wide availability of chargers, charging simply takes too much time. Afterall, when you charge up a traditional ICE car it only takes a couple of minutes to fill up your tank. With new innovations in EV charging technologies, however, supercharger charging times have decreased significantly. Nowadays, it only takes 15 mins to charge your Tesla up to go 200 miles. 

2. Say Goodbye to Fuel Costs

Another reason why some people doubt that the EV revolution is here to stay is that they believe that Teslas may be expensive to own. This could not be further from the truth. In reality, Teslas are actually far more affordable to own than a traditional ICE vehicle. 

Even though the car is expensive, the money that the potential owner can save on fuel costs is astronomical. When you drive a Tesla for 100 miles for example with about 100 MPG, driving 15,000 miles per year will only cost you $612 in electrical costs. The savings that you get from not having to buy fuel alone makes buying a Tesla a supremely beneficial investment. 

The other thing to keep in mind is that fuel is far more volatile than electricity. Prices for electricity tend to remain fairly standard while oil, being a highly-traded commodity, can become even more expensive depending on market conditions. 

3. Maintenance Is Not an Issue

Not only will you be able to save on fuel costs, but you will also be able to save a great deal of money on maintenance costs as well. A Tesla is far cheaper to maintain compared to a traditional ICE vehicle. The reason for this is that a traditional internal combustion engine has a lot more functional parts than an electric engine, meaning far more things can go wrong with it. 

When you own a Tesla, you will notice over time that you won’t have to bring your car into a garage for repairs quite as much. Also, consider the fact that Teslas also come with a warranty with the option to have yearly checkups for only $600 as well. This is massively advantageous to potential owners because not only is having a traditional vehicle fixed expensive, it is also quite time-consuming. This can be very inefficient when you have urgent matters to attend to.  

4. EVs are Becoming More Affordable

Another common reason why people hesitate from buying Teslas is that, in the past, Teslas were known as very niche expensive cars that only more affluent people can afford. Even today, people still associate Tesla cars with luxury because not only are the older models more expensive, Teslas are also designed in a way that makes one think that they are very pricey. 

That has changed with the more recent iterations of the vehicle. In mid-2017 Tesla launched its most popular car to date, the Tesla Model 3 — which has become one of the highest-selling vehicles in the United States of America by far. Consumers have not held back their praise for the vehicle as it was even hailed as the safest car in the world. Not only does the Model 3 have a lot of the high-tech features of the more expensive Model S, but they can also even go as far as 220 miles in terms of range. 

5. Free Software Updates

People love Teslas because compared to other vehicles, they are very high-tech and are absolutely loaded with great software. Not only do they have features such as games and a highly intuitive dashboard, they even have software in place that allows sensor fusion technology that facilitates its highly advanced autonomous driving. 

The good news for Tesla owners is that they do not ever have to pay to have this software upgraded. Once you own a Tesla, you can expect to have these upgrades fairly regularly when they are available. It is just like the OS updates that you get with your Android or iOS phone, and just as easy to install. 

If you have trouble installing the latest iterations of Tesla’s software, their customer service is also far more accommodating when answering your queries. 

6. An Increase In Environmental Consciousness

One thing you will notice is that even though environmental propriety may not be the initial reason why some people choose to buy Teslas, most Tesla owners will find themselves becoming far more concerned about the environment once they have gotten in the loop. What sets the EV movement apart is that it is built on the commitment that the planet is worth protecting. 

Tesla owners do not only own incredibly advanced and gorgeous-looking vehicles, they easily feel that they are part of a greater movement that is above themselves and their own consumerist interests. 

So far, all of the Tesla vehicles out in circulation have been driven approximately 10B miles. This mileage has come with emissions of about 4M metric tons of CO2. Even though that sounds like a lot, it is actually comparable to preventing the emissions of over 500K ICE vehicles with a 22 MPG fuel economy. 

7. Autonomous Driving Capabilities Are the Future

Perhaps the most exciting reason to own a Tesla car is that Teslas have been improving their self-driving capabilities significantly. Of course, with such a bold claim there are a lot of doubters, but the evidence that has already been demonstrated with the safety of Tesla’s autopilot mode cannot be denied. 

Artificial intelligence experts, specifically those that specialize in autonomous vehicles, all agree that self-driving cars will be far safer than those driven by humans. The biggest difference of course is that autonomous vehicles are not prone to distraction the same way human beings are. 

A very disturbing statistic is that there are 13,000 deaths in the United States of America alone each year because of reckless, distracted driving. A fully autonomous vehicle will be able to mitigate these issues. Not only that, but autonomous vehicles will have far more awareness than human drivers because they have cameras and sensor fusion technology all around the vehicle. Human driving is encumbered because of our limited vision. We have to use mirrors in order to see around the vehicle. Sensor fusion technology does not have those limits so these autonomous vehicles will be able to detect any threats, from all sides, at all times. 

8. Keep Your Family Safe

Tesla cars are actually hailed as some of the safest vehicles in the world. Not only are they very easy to drive, but the software that we talked about earlier makes it far easier for the driver to detect incoming threats. There are countless videos online that show Tesla cars detecting potential road accidents such seconds before they happen. This is something that has baffled new drivers and is something that indeed comes in handy especially with roads with limited visibility.

In the first quarter of 2021 alone, only one accident for every 4.19 million miles driven has been registered. That is a dramatic improvement compared to traditional vehicles wherein one accident comes from only 480,000 miles driven. This statistic shows that Tesla vehicles are nearly 10 times less likely to get into an accident compared to traditional ICE vehicles. Owning a Tesla car is a great way to keep your family safe when you are on the road. 

9. A Drive Worth Remembering

An added benefit to driving a Tesla car is that, according to the newest owners, it is truly a drive worth remembering. Not least among these new owners is one of the most famous podcast personalities in the world, Joe Rogan.

Joe Rogan had Elon Musk as a guest in one of the episodes of his famous podcast. In this episode, they talked about the advantages of owning a Tesla Model S. Before the podcast concluded, Joe Rogan promised Elon that he would buy a Tesla Model S — which is a promise that he indeed kept. 

After driving his Model S for the first time, Joe Rogan went as far as saying that all other cars he has ever driven are “stupid” in comparison. He could not believe the speed and acceleration the Model S had despite being an electric vehicle. He even mentioned that he now likes it more than his previous favorite car, his Porsche 911 GT2-RS.

10. Tesla Cars Really Are S3XY

Finally, Teslas are here to stay because not only do they have an excellent function — they have excellent form as well. The design of the Tesla vehicles is built around the principle of being “S3XY”. It cannot be overstated, Tesla cars are created to impress, and that they do. 

Not only do Tesla cars look good for everyday driving, if you decide to take one of these cars out to a fancy event, but they will also hold their own against the wow factor of luxury vehicles that are far more expensive, like the ones from Porsche and Ferrari. One especially good-looking car that Tesla fans are excited about is the coming Roadster, which is so uniquely designed it is almost like it is a piece of alien technology. Even with a price of just $250,000 it can boast of an acceleration standard that is comparable to that of a Bugatti. 

Having all of that said, it should come as no surprise at all that not only are Teslas and other electric vehicles that have inspired here to stay, they are here to take over. This is something that will be accelerated from the fact that many governments and corporations are now stating their commitment to achieving carbon neutrality. This is something that can only be achieved by slowly transitioning into EV technology. The exciting news is that with this new competition, there will also be a lot of progress. Even though it is impossible to predict what the future holds for Tesla and EVs in general, one thing is for sure — it is a future you will want to be a part of.


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